We thank the following organizations for their support:


We are grateful to the following individuals:

  • Katerina Williams, our production assistant for the Phase I installation
  • Judith Peskens, Hebe Verstappen, and Errol van de Werdt at the TextielLab
  • Rebecca DuclosJaclyn Jacunski, and Julie Marie Lemon, who facilitated financial support for our project
  • The team that facilitated, built and/or developed our Savannah exhibition: David Martinez-Moreno, Heather McKenzieHeather MacRae, Julie Ann Miller, Elizabeth PopePhilip Mansfield, and Susanna Kim Vitayaudom
  • Our mentors and advisors Michiko ItataniKathleen KieferAndrey Kravtsov, Susan SnodgrassLynn Tomaszewski, and Frances Whitehead