Phase II

In the second incarnation of our textile installation, we focused on developing the shape of the woven spherical structures that represent halos and on the overall appearance of the textile.

Compared to Phase I, we achieved better curvature in the spherical structures through an improved weaving pattern. Moreover, the halos and filaments were woven in smaller segments, resulting in more fine-grained control over the shape and placement of each halo within the overall layout. Nevertheless, the shape of the halos was still distorted somewhat during the installation process.

The visual appearance was improved by suspending the textile rather than mounting it on stands, and by adding black threads to highlight the weave structure of the halos. The Phase II textile was exhibited at the Sullivan Galleries in Chicago (see the exhibitions page).

In future installations, we will focus on a mounting that will support the halo shape in a fully open position for more definition and a denser thread count.